A Community of Creators.

You can call us Inc.

UW-Madison’s hub for A-Team cofounders, fresh perspectives, and game-changing ideas. If you’re looking to join, start, or grow a startup – start here.

What We Do

Inc is a coworking space on campus run by students for students. We provide members with a community built on accountability and collaboration.

What To Expect

Our weekly Masterminds are peer-to-peer mentoring sessions that help members solve their problems with input and advice from others. Our other events include ideation sessions, Sharing Knowledge, and fireside chats. For more information check our calendar. You do not have to be a UW student to attend, Madison and Edgewood College students are especially welcome.

Get in Touch

Email us ([email protected]),
stop by our coworking space in the SAC,
or read more about us.