UW-Madison Student Entrepreneurship

Inc is a coworking space on campus run by students for students. We provide members with a community built on accountability and collaboration.

Redefining Entrepreneurship

We define an “entrepreneur” as someone working to make their vision a reality.

This includes a broad range of people. We want the artists, activists, and future business owners to feel at home in our community. Combining diverse perspectives always leads to better ideas and execution.

If this sounds like you, Inc might be a good fit.

The Coalition

We believe it must be a collaborative effort to put Madison on the entrepreneurial map.

Members can easily access our network of University resources, student orgs, and startups around Madison.

The Team

The Innovators Coalition is run by a team of dedicated student entrepreneurs. If you think you may be interested in improving Inc and helping build the future of Wisconsin entrepreneurship, shoot an email to [email protected]