Coalition Organizations

Transcend UW

Transcend is UW’s hub for project-building on campus, whether you have a startup or thought of the next big thing in this morning’s shower – we want to hear it! We’re a community of hackers, thinkers, hobbyists and entrepreneurs who want to make new products and collaborate with each other along the way. We provide your excuse to meet other creative students you would normally never run into on campus who may very well become your next co-founder.


StartUp Residential Learning Community

StartUp’s mission is to teach students to put their ideas into action through the entrepreneurial process. Whether you are undecided, or thinking of majoring in art history, engineering, business, or something else the Startup Learning Community can benefit you by teaching the entrepreneurial process of:

* Imagining and assessing opportunities
* Harnessing key resources to make real your ideas (people, funds, structure)
* Learning from doing (tactics and goals)
* Creating new sources of value (profit/nonprofit, private/social good)


StartingBlock Madison

StartingBlock Madison is a 50,000 square foot entrepreneurial hub in the heart of Madison’s Capitol East District. It is a place where entrepreneurs, investors, advisors, and community members can connect, share innovative ideas and create next-generation businesses. At StartingBlock, Madison’s entrepreneurs will literally find the “starting blocks” needed for success:

• Affordable, flexible office and co-working space
• Peers, mentors, investment and professional advisors
• Collaboration, meeting and conference space
• Educational programming, workshops, and community-building events


The Hub

The Hub is a computer science organization at the University of Wisconsin Madison. Our primary goal is to bring computer science students together. We believe that your experience at UW Madison improves when you have friends in your major. Finding project partners is easier, finding study partners is easier, and enjoying social life beyond the classroom is easier. Our secondary goal is to connect computer scientists with other relevant majors such as Math, Engineering, Business, and Communication Arts. We believe that your knowledge in applications of computer science improves when you have friends with relatable majors.

Insight Wisconsin

Insight Wisconsin is the premier organization for Student Inventors on the University of Wisconsin, Madison campus.​ We provide members with the opportunity to work on real-world product designs as part of interdisciplinary teams with representation from almost every department on campus. With the help of mentors, resources, funding, and a structured program for meetings, teams take either client-projects or original ideas from problems to solutions. Our projects range from product designs and research tools, to business analytics and entrepreneurial efforts.


Engineering, Business, and Entrepreneurship

Engineers in Business provides engineering students the opportunity to apply the skills they have learned in their broad range of classes to work together in diverse teams and design, prototype, and market their own unique innovations/inventions.



Enactus aims to grow its communities and members through community service based projects focused on solving unique problems. At the beginning of each semester we brainstorm existing problems that we believe need to be solved. We narrow down our ideas to a few projects, and throughout the semester we develop and implement an action plan to solve these problems through service entrepreneurship. We then present our progress and community impact at regional and national conferences. We help our members grow as leaders, students, and career professionals, and we make a point of having fun while doing it.


DreamBank Madison

Dreams are powerful. That’s the driving idea behind American Family Insurance’s DreamBank, a space in Madison, WI designed to help dreamers find inspiration, tools and support to bring their dreams to life. DreamBank offers interactive resources to inspire and guide you. We’ll help you along the path of discovering and realizing your dream. Come join our community of dreamers.


The Commons

The Commons is an opportunity for motivated and talented students in Wisconsin to get firmly planted in the region’s growing innovation economy. It’s a chance to apply skills on real-world projects, build professional networks and connect with the community. We run a variety of programming throughout the year and work with students of any school, any year and any degree. For the region’s academic and business community, this is an unparalleled level of collaboration, creating a vast web of connections and opportunity to connect with our best and brightest collegiate students. The Commons is reshaping the economic landscape of Wisconsin.


Capital Entrepreneurs

Capital Entrepreneurs is a grassroots community group for Madison area entrepreneurs that has been built by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. We were founded in May 2009 to unite entrepreneurs with a goal of connecting and growing the burgeoning entrepreneurial community in Madison, Wisconsin. Capital Entrepreneurs acts as the “social fabric” that connects the Madison entrepreneurial community through our networking and social events.


Badger Blockchain

Badger Blockchain is a UW student organization committed to educating and networking students within the blockchain ecosystem. Broken down into two separate groups, Market Outlook and Blockchain Development, we not only study use-cases, markets, and legalities, but also research new protocols and development our own blockchains through workshops and hackathons. Our belief is that Blockchains will revolutionize global finance and internet transactions, health record distribution, and supply chains. While the technology is still young, we are looking to make its future a reality.



100state is nonprofit entity created to help our community solve problems. We are a community and home for problem solvers, creatives, and entrepreneurs. We inspire collaboration and create connections to unleash our community’s potential. It all started when a group of entrepreneurs, who were working out of a train car on W. Washington Ave, moved to 100 State Street to build an even larger community of problem solvers. Since its inception on June 7, 2013, 100state has grown rapidly, connecting members to opportunities and challenges by hosting brainstorms, creating events to encourage collaboration, and providing an inspiring environment.