New Member’s Handbook


Getting keys

To get into the room, scan your wiscard and enter room 3902 (right across the hall between the bathrooms and the water fountains).

Find the lockbox mounted on the wall to the right. Scan your wiscard on the box. Hit “Enter” on the keypad to select “Remove a Key”, type “50”, click “Enter” twice, and the door will unlock. When you open it, the key will illuminate.

Returning keys

To return the keys, go back to the lockbox, scan your wiscard, hit 8 twice to select return keys, and type 1 on the number pad for 1 key to return. Make sure the key is facing up as depicted on the outside of the lockbox. You can put them in any of the slots.


Last to leave

Please turn off the lights, lock the door, and return the key to the lockbox if you’re the last person to leave at any point during the day.

If you’re the last to leave and you do not have key access, lock up and turn off the lights before dropping the key off at the front desk and letting the SAC staff know you don’t have key access.

Key Access not working

If you only recently filed out the join form for key access, give the SAC some time to process your request and update the lock with your wiscard. This could take up to three weeks. In the meantime, you’re welcome to still use the space by asking the front desk to let you in.


Room Reservations

Check the calendar to see if space is available. To request a room reservation, email [email protected] Open Coworking time is dedicated for anyone to be able to come in and access the Inc space, even without key access.

New Member Sign-Up

To sign-up, go to key access and fill out the application! You’re already considered a member of the space if you belong to one of our coalition organizations. You only need to apply if you are looking to get key access or join as a member of Innovators Coalition directly.

Office Equipment

Supplies in the space are freely available for any member to use.


The computer’s available for members to use at their leisure. You can login through the guest account. Make sure the VGA cable is plugged in on the back of the desktop as well as the monitor. See projector below to use the computer with the projector.


If you want to leave food in the fridge, please use a sharpie to mark your name. Food/drink without a name is for anyone to enjoy.


Press the power button and add water. Lift the K-Cup handle and the water will drain.

Insert a K-Cup, place a mug under the spout, remove the drip tray if necessary, and wait until all water has drained.

Lastly, close the K-Cup handle, press brew, wait 3 minutes. boom, hot coffee.

Lending Library

Books can be borrowed from the lending library at your leisure. Donations always welcome!


Plug your device into the USB to print, or select black/color to copy. Please limit printing to a maximum of 15 sheets at a time. If you need more, you can use the printer on the 4th floor or check out Studentprint across the hall.


Draw the projector screen down and attach the loop from its string onto the coat hook.

To the left of the projector screen (if you’re looking out the window), click ON for the display section of the Extron control panel.

Immediately below the Extron control panel, use the VGA cable from the computer to plug your device in.

Set the input channel to Wall Plate on the control panel.

Turn the middle light switch off to adjust lighting.

The computer station can be used to display on the projector if you plug the VGA cable into the back of the computer and the wall plate.


Plug your device into the aux cord and turn the small dial on.


Turn on the TV with the remote. Plug in HDMI cable to computer.

TV will either automatically display your computer’s screen or a dialog box that asks if you want to switch to the new input. Select “Yes” using the remote.

If the dialog does not appear, hit the “source” button on the remote and select “HDMI2”